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Reproduction and Use

A reproduction fee is charged for this service. Use fees (see below) are charged in addition to reproduction fees when images are published or redistributed.

Reproduction Fees

Handling fee for a tiff or jpeg image file:

  • $12.00 per image for original images up to 12" x 17"
  • $15.00 per image for originals larger than 12" x 17"
  • $1.00 per CD, if required

Postage Fees

No charge for web/ftp delivery.
$6.00 for orders to be mailed.

You will receive an invoice from the Special Collections/University Archives.

Intended Use



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End User Copyright Agreement

These images are provided by the UNR Special Collections and University Archives exclusively for non-commercial educational, scholarly or personal purposes. Users may not otherwise reproduce, copy, distribute, publish, retransmit, or commercially exploit or transfer any material without appropriate permissions from the UNR Libraries or the copyright holder.

Some content is licensed and is not owned by the University Libraries. The use of such content will be governed by the Terms and Conditions as provided by the copyright owners.

The University Libraries will not be liable for improper or illegal use of any copies of materials from its collections. It is the responsibility of the user to guard against infringement of rights held by University of Nevada or copyright owners and to secure reproduction rights and copyright clearance for all uses not exclusively granted in the United States Copyright Law, Title 17 of the United States Code.

I agree to abide by the End User Copyright Agreement above

(You must accept the End User Copyright Agreement before submitting this order.)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Photographic reference copies of pictorial items physically owned by the Special Collections Department/University Archives of the University of Nevada, Reno Libraries can be provided to patrons with the approval of the department.
  2. The Library reserves the right to withhold permission to provide photographic reference copies for the protection of fragile, damaged, or restricted items.
  3. Photographic copies of the designated pictorial items are intended for private study, scholarship, or research only. They may not be sold or duplicated for sale or given to other institutions, businesses, or private entities that provide photographs for the public.
  4. The requestor agrees to not copy the requested reproduction/s in any form and by any means nor allow others to do so.
  5. The requestor agrees to not publish, display, reproduce, or broadcast this material in any form without first obtaining written permission from the University of Nevada, Reno Libraries. A Request for Permission to Publish Pictorial Images form must be signed and returned to the Special Collections Department in order to obtain permission before this image(s) can be published or broadcast in any medium. The requestor understands that permission for reproduction may be refused in cases of donor restriction and copyright law violation. The requestor agrees to pay all charges relating to his/her order, including shipping costs.

(You must accept the Terms and Conditions before submitting this order.)

You will receive an invoice from the Special Collections/University Archives.

Use Fees

NO USE FEE will be charged for one-time, one-edition use as described below:
  • Class assignments (research projects or papers), theses, or dissertations.
  • Official use by the University of Nevada, Reno in university-related publications.
  • Genealogy and family research.
  • Local or national non-profit organizations with a non-profit ID.
  • State or federal agencies.
A USE FEE will be charged for commercial one-time, one edition use in:
  • Publication:
    • Article: $25.00 per image
    • Textbook: $100.00 per image
    • Report: $25.00 per image (does not include in-house reports)
    • Book: $50.00 per image
    • Nevada newspapers: No fee
  • Exhibit or Display
    • $50.00 per image
  • Advertisement
    • $100.00 per image
  • Film, Video, or Broadcast
    • $200.00 per image
  • Book Jacket or Cover
    • $150.00 per image
  • Worldwide Distribution
    • add $100.00 per image to standard use fee
Special Fees
  • Rush
    A rush order consists of any order that must be completed faster than the 2 business days currently allowed for orders:
    • add $20.00 to order total
  • Preparation
    Fees assessed for scans of originals larger than 12" x 17"
    • $15.00 per 10 images, no pro-rata

You will receive an invoice from the Special Collections/University Archives.

Please direct questions to Kimberly Roberts
Or phone: 775-682-5665

Updated January 16, 2018