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Sanborn Maps of Nevada

Locating a Nevada Town Map

Note: This web collection is limited to maps 1877–1923.

Inventory: An inventory of known Nevada Sanborn® map holdings in any format and their locations. This Inventory of print, microfilm, online and this web site is subject to revision as holdings are identified.

Note: No single location holds a complete set in any particular format. Contact each site for information regarding their print versions, obtaining print copies and/or digital copies.


Original maps of Nevada towns may be found in:

These maps were given to these institutions by the Library of Congress and local sources. However, their use is restricted and neither site holds a complete Sanborn® set. Most of the maps in this web presentation were scanned, and are presented in full color, from these two collections.

A black and white microfilm copy of Nevada SanbornĀ® maps is held by:

The microfilm copy was commercially produced from the collection in the Library of Congress. Not all maps are included in the microfilm collection.

A black & white online collection of Nevada Sanborn® maps based on the microfilm set is available via a subscription held by the University of Nevada, Reno Libraries. Use beyond the library is restricted to people affiliated with the University of Nevada, Reno. This black & white online collection is a subscription from Environmental Data Resources and is not available in part or whole for commercial use.

The online and microfilm collections are not inclusive of all maps; other years may be found in this web site and/or in print in other locations; consult the Inventory. The full color digital set offered on this web site (as indicated in the search box above) is limited to maps published through 1923. Please see The Project description.

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