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Sanborn Maps of Nevada

Features and Web Tools of This Presentation

This presentation, using CONTENTdm™ digital collection management software, provides many features for access and use of the maps presented.

Using the search box, locate the town of interest and click the name to open the presentation page for that town; all town maps in this web presentation will be listed by year. The initial map displayed is the earliest [or only] presented for that town. In this example, Carson City is listed with the 3 years offered in this web presentation: 1885, 1890, 1907. [Other maps for Carson City are identified in the full Inventory.]

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Click the plus [+] symbol beside any particular year to list all Sheets for that year [assuming there is more than one sheet]. Click the particular Sheet of interest to view that Sheet.

Several navigation tools are presented including:

To view the full digital presentation, TIFF, JPEG and DJVU images are available. When viewing the desired Sheet, select from the drop-down box shown above the entire group of town maps View: Page Description > GO. The screen that appears from this link will also include metadata with the links to the tiff or jpeg for that particular sheet. The View: Document Description will contain general Metadata for the list of Sheets under that town and date.

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