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Plats of Nevada State Lands

Part II. The Plats

The maps on this site each represent a single township. The scale of most of the maps in this collection is 2 inches = 1 mile with some exceptions for detail areas. The maps themselves measure approximately 17 x 21 inches, outside edge. The originals were scanned by the Nevada Division of State Lands, Carson City, Nevada, where they are held.

The plat resulting from the land surveys often includes some general description of the land such as acreage of tillable land and timber to be found (or not).

Survey plats were used to indicate land patents.

What is a land patent?

Land patents document the transfer of land ownership from the federal government to individuals. Our land patent records include the information recorded when ownership was transferred.

U. S. Bureau of Land Management General Land Office, Frequently Asked Questions

A few other plats, acquired elsewhere and made for other purposes than to indicate patents, are in this collection. Those not including the patent numbers will, consequently, look "cleaner" than the maps from the State Lands Office which have claim numbers written on the maps. These other editions may have additional/different information, particularly notations (e.g. Welches House) and should be reviewed along with the State Lands Office edition. Early maps were hand-drawn but the more recent maps are more formally printed with standardized documentation and lines for appropriate signatures and dates.


From the Mt. Diablo Meridian, plat coverage is from Range 17E to 71 E and include Townships 1 - 47 N and Township 1 - 33 S. There are some gaps.

From the San Bernardino Meridian, plats for Range 7 East include Townships 24 / 25 / 26 North, and from Range 8 East, Townships 23 North and 23 and 25 South are included. Multiple sets of maps were produced and not all in this set indicate patents. Other copies of original township survey plats are also housed with the National Archives in San Bruno, California.



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