Volunteer Paperwork Checklist

As per Billie J. Johnson, BCN Risk Management/ Workers' Compensation Office (0241), ARTM 3, 682-6108) on 3/25/09 (amended 9/1/09), and on 10/15/09 (with input from Janita Jobe and Nita Jameson):
  1. The most recent version of UNR's volunteer policy is the starting point.
  2. Student volunteers:
  3. Each volunteer must acknowledge receipt and review of these policy statements.  It is now required of all new volunteers (except for those receiving compensation from another entity).
  4. Each volunteer needs to complete and sign the following forms:
  5. SEND ALL COMPLETED FORMS to: Billie Johnson, Mail Stop 0241
  6. In general, volunteer(s) will need to cover his/her own parking expenses.
  7. If the volunteer(s) will be working on UNR computers, a record must be created for him/her in the personnel database (after the completion of the personal data form -- see above) in order for him/he to be issued a NetID.
    Note: It takes time to get this NetID in place.

    Procedure to be followed for obtaining a NetID for a volunteer:
    • Volunteer must be coded as an affiliate in the HR database in order for him/her to be able to issued a NetID.
    • In order to get the volunteer coded as an affiliate, send an explanation to Human Resources (see example), on letterhead, explaining why the volunteer needs to be coded as an affiliate.
    • Once the employee ID number has been issued by HR, this form must be completed and submitted to Tina Lundstrom at MS/322. A Footprint will be opened for the creation of the NetID.
    • Once the NetID has been issued by IT, note it on the copy of the volunteer form, then email the NetID info to the volunteer and have him/her activate his/her NetID.

    BADGES ARE NOT OPTIONAL for volunteers who will be working in the Knowledge Center. Volunteer(s) will most likely need ID badges with back-of-house access in order to accomplish work in the Knowledge Center.
    Note: It takes time go get the ID badges in place.

    Procedures to be followed for obtaining ID badges for a volunteer:
    • Email Larry Smith (with cc: to NIta) that you have a volunteer coming on board who will need badge access to the 4th floor hallway doors to the Tech Services south door.
    • Larry will notify Nita Jameson to complete a (Badge) Card Request Form, making certain to note the volunteer's DOB in the lower left-hand corner of the form.
    • Nita will obtain IPO and Card Request Form signatures from Janita.
    • Nita will submit (can be emailed, as per Penny Leathley) Wolfcard affliate form and IPO to the Wolf Card office in JCSU.
    • Volunteer(s) will go to the Wolf Card office at their convenience to have their photos taken and to collect their encoded ID badges.
    • After the badge has been acquired, volunteer needs to sign the Card Request form that Nita has prepared so that Nita can either walk or fax it to Lindsey in Police Services..
    • Obtain ID badge holders and lanyards from Leslie ("Mel") Chiguichon in the IT Admin Office.