University of Nevada Oral History Archive

About The University of Nevada Oral History Program

Part of the University of Nevada Department of History since 2009, the Oral History Program (UNOHP) became an element of the Shared History Initiative in 2013. This program combines Oral History, Public History, and Digital History with a student and community focus. In the future, the UNOHP will utilize a digital, interactive format to record and disseminate oral histories for public access and research use.

The UNOHP was established in 1964 to record, preserve, and provide access to primary source oral histories. . Research topics covered in the archive include, but are not confined to, state, community and university history; mining; ranching; casino gaming; politics and government; Great Basin Indians; and the experience of various ethnic groups who settled in the West. The archive also contains a number of biographical volumes of individuals whose lives encapsulate important themes in the history of the state and region.

Interviews were recorded and preserved using the latest technologies at the time of their collection. From transcripts of the taperecordings, the program produced several hundred edited, indexed, illustrated, and bound research volumes. These physical volumes are now on deposit in the Special Collections Department and the Department of HIstory. In order to standardize the display of the oral histories for this online archive, most of the older volumes have been reformatted, a process that was completed in 2013. Each transcript is fully searchable electronically, but current pagination does not necessarily conform to indices prepared for the older, physical volumes. If a previous edition of a volume existed, its original index has been appended to the transcript for reference purposes only.

The UNOHP has produced five award-winning documentary videos on Great Basin Indians for broadcast and classroom use. Links to these videos, as well as to the books produced by the program, can be found on the search page for this digital collection.

For additional information about the current UNOHP program and the Shared HIstory Initiative, please contact Anita Watson, Shared History Coordinator (775-784-6932). For more information about the UNOHP Archive, please contact the Special Collections Department (775-682-5665).