Collection Development Guideline for Digital Projects

Content Areas for Digital Projects

Submitted material should fit one or more of the following content areas:

  1. Content documenting the history and development of the region.
  2. Content containing resources that are unique, rare and/or of special research interest (e.g. book collections, manuscripts, rare books, photographs, and maps, etc.).
  3. Content featuring exhibits or collection snapshots that highlight significant resources of the region.
  4. Content needing preservation due to heavy use and subsequent deterioration of the original format.
  5. Content supporting teaching and classroom learning not already available digitally.

Selection Criteria for Digital Materials and Projects
  1. Materials are not available from another network accessible digital repository or through digital commercial publications.
  2. The materials in the collection are processed and adequately described.
  3. Audience is identifiable and sufficiently broad to warrant project costs and efforts.
  4. Digitization of materials fulfills a preservation, accessibility, curriculum, research or information need.
  5. Materials will be freely available to students, faculty, and the general public.
  6. Funding support is available for reformatting, metadata creation, file storage and other special costs associated with the project.
  7. Sufficient personnel are available to complete the project on time.

Please direct questions to Donnie Curtis

gw 9/15/04