Reifschneider Collection Data Dictionary

March 2009
Compiled by Molly Beisler

*Field names marked with an asterisk are fields that should be pre-populated in the metadata template for this collection.

Reifschneider field name Comments
Specimen Title Scientific names

Always use this format: Common name (Genus species - Family)

  • Capitalize Genus and Family names
  • DO NOT capitalize species name
  • Example: Brown's Peony (Paeonia brownii - Ranunculaceae)

There should not be nested parentheses with different possibilities. Check with Molly or Glee if they appear in a title - those entries will need to be fixed.

All family names (the term after the hyphen in the format cited above) should end in:
-ceae. If they appear otherwise, check with Molly or Glee.

  • Anything labeled as an "outdated term" should be updated.
  • A term used by Reifschneider that frequently needs to be fixed is "Compositae" (an outdated term).
    • Any time "Compositae" appears, replace it with "Asteraceae".
    • Compositae --> Asteraceae

When the species name is not specified, Olga Reifschneider usually put in a generic "sp." If possible, try to identify the species. Notify Molly or Glee about these instances, and they will check with a botanist to verify the species.

Common names

Sometimes the common name for a plant will not be present. If you have a genus and species in the scientific name, check the USDA web site: to determine a common name. Searching by scientific name will take you to a display for the plant in question. There is typically a scientific name followed by a common name at the top of the page for a specific plant.


Reifschneider gave this as the specimen title for a slide:

Incorrect entry: Purple thistle (Cirsium sp. - Compositae (Asteraceae))

  • Compositae is outdated: delete and leave only "Asteraceae"
  • The unspecified species name triggered a check with the consulting botanist. It turned out that this image was not, in fact, a purple thistle at all.

Correct entry: Rose thistle (Cirsium andersonii - Asteraceae)

Photographer Use: Reifschneider, Olga
[controlled vocab.]
Record geographic area where the specimen was photographed, such as:
 "Reno (Nev.); Washoe County; Nevada"

Format all coverage citations as above, including "City (St.); County; State".

If Reifschneider did not indicate a location, leave blank.

Subject Most records in the collection will use the following subjects, as most of the photographs were taken in the Lake Tahoe Region:
  • Botany -- Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.) -- Pictorial works
  • Botany -- Nevada -- Pictorial works
  • Plants -- Identification

Use these default subjects if the coverage is not known.

If the "Coverage" location is in California , but still in the Lake Tahoe region, as a location, use "California" rather than "Nevada" in the subject area ("Botany -- California -- Pictorial works").


  • Donner Peak (Calif.); Placer County; California


  • Botany -- Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.) -- Pictorial works
  • Botany -- California -- Pictorial works
  • Plants -- Identification

If the "Coverage" location is nowhere near Lake Tahoe, such as in Clark County, Nev. or in Arizona, omit the "Botany -- Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.) -- Pictorial works" subject.


  • Valley of Fire (Nev.); Clark County; Nevada


  • Botany -- Nevada -- Pictorial works
  • Plants -- Identification
Description Rarely used. Use only if Reifschneider noted anything unusual about an image.
Collection* Use: Reifschneider Collection
Electronic Publisher* Use: Special Collections Department, University of Nevada, Reno Library
[suppressed from display]
Use: Olga Reifschneider  
Date.Digital Date when image was digitized. Enter dates in the form "YYYY-MM-DD". At a minimum, the year is required.
Identifier Unique filename assigned to the images. Use the numbers that appear on the slides.

All filenames begin with: NC528., which is followed by the number.

  • NC528.256
  • NC528.21
[suppressed from display]
Use: eng
Relation Citation from: Graf, M. (1999). Plants of the Tahoe Basin


URL linking to plant's record at

*Leave BLANK if there is no information to record in the field.

Ordering and Permissions Information* Use: Not to be reproduced without permission. To purchase copies of images and/or obtain permission information, please see
File Name Use: Filename (from "Identifier" field) + file format suffix
  • NC528.256.jpg
[suppressed from display]
Use: "image/jpeg" for jpeg images.
Digitization Specifications This field documents technical information on how the digital resource was created.

For scanned images: include such information as scanner model, scan resolution, compression schemes, size/format of master file.

"These images exist as archived TIFF images and one or more JPEG versions for general use. They were scanned at 2710 dpi, 24-bit from the original using an Nikon CoolScan V ED scanner, default color configuration."

Type* Use: "Image"
Contributing Institution* Use: "University of Nevada, Reno"
Audience [Not currently used.]