Metadata and CONTENTdm                       

What is CONTENTdm?

CONTENTdm is high performance storage and retrieval software for multimedia collections (now distributed by OCLC)

How does CONTENTdm use metadata?

What metadata standards does UNR follow when creating projects using CONTENTdm?

What do we mean by a CONTROLLED VOCABULARY in terms of CONTENTdm?

Official controlled vocabularies often used for metadata entry in CONTENTdm:

For names:

For subjects:

Nevada-specific tools:

The Nevada subject headings, created by a statewide group, are used in many of our projects.  Nevada and California place names, extracted from on the GNIS, are also used in the Images of Lake Tahoe project.  Only the Nevada place names controlled vocabulary was used in the Sagebrush Vernacular project.  An Excel version of the Nevada place names, sorted by county, is freely made available here for others' use.

What To Do About Vocabulary Conflicts?

DC Subject: LCSH vs. AAT

     -- Church buildings vs. Churches

DC Coverage: LC vs. Board of Geographic Names

     -- Moscow vs. Moskva

  • The challenge is to meet the needs of diverse collections and users while maintaining consistency within and between databases
  • The good news is that the controlled vocabularies, as is true for all metadata within CONTENTdm, is infinitely modifiable at any time
  • The metadata that has been entered can be "parked" in such a way that a staff member at a higher level can then review it before approving it


    What tools are used to ensure compliance of our CONTENTdm projects with these metadata standards?

    What are the benefits of following metadata standards in our CONTENTdm projects?


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