Formulating short URLs for items in these digital projects

Q.  How do I formulate a brief URL for a single item?


A. In the address bar in the screenshot above, you see a URL that looks like this:

But if you use the "reference url" link that appears as one of the choices directly under the header image,
a window will pop up that includes this reference URL:


You can copy and paste the reference URL as you would the longer URL.

Q.  How do I formulate a brief URL for a search that retrieves multiple items?

A.  There is a special query wizard that helps you quickly build a search that retrieves multiple items.

Go to:

Choose this option: 

     A simple hyperlink which invokes a single predefined query

Then click on "next".

Next, select  the collection against which the search will be conducted, for example:

     Campus Photos

Then click on "next".

Next, formulate your search.  For example, a "search across all fields" for "james church snow surveys":

Matching all words:

     Match all words

Then click on "preview" to verify that the results will be what you expect.

If they are, then close the preview window, and click on "next".

Next, select "thumbnails" as the results display format:


Then click on "next".

Then copy and paste the URL from the wizard's window into your HTML code:

Note:  You will need to insert "" into the URL just before "/cdm".



Please direct questions to Glee Willis, Digital Projects Librarian.
Revised: 01/03/08.