The following email includes instructions on ingesting
images from CONTENTdm into the ARTstor Offline 
Image Viewer (OIV).  It is provided here as an 
unofficial document describing this process.

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Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2005 10:56 PM
To: Glee M Willis
Subject: Re: dragging CONTENTdm images into the OIV?

Hi Glee -

Well, I just went to UNR's CONTENTdm website (  
Then I opened the OIV and opened one of my SAVED image sets in the OIV.

I was able to drag and drop a thumbnail image directly from the UNR
website into the image set in the OIV.

However, if I opened the CONTENTdm thumbnail to the larger format, it
refused to drag and drop directly from the website into the image set 
in OIV.  I had to save it onto my computer, and then drag and drop it.

I don't think you can drag and drop an image into a saved ARTstor set,
without opening that set in the OIV.  You want to have the set open in
the OIV anyhow, because you want to be able to place the image in the
correct spot within the image group.

If you are working in the OIV with an image set imported from ARTstor,
you can drag your own image into it.  But unless you save the entire
image set onto your computer, your imported image will be lost when you
close the image set and the OIV.  In other words, you can't import your
personal images into your image sets *within* ARTstor.   It all has to
be done with saved image sets and in the OIV tool.  But that's OK.  It's
a reasonably good tool.

Hope this helps.

Thanks - 
Marcia Growdon
UNR Art Department

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