Configuration information for Campus Images project banding
(except for Archives, which uses Spec Coll banding)

→    In the CONTENTdm Acquisitions Station, open the project in which the banding needs to be configured.

→    In the "Tools" dropdown, click on "Options" to get this screen:


  screen one --->>

 Content of "Display Text" box should be:    Property of [entity name], University of Nevada, Reno

  [entity name will be either:  Marketing & Communications      or         Teaching and Learning Technologies

→    Next, click on "Advanced" to go to this screen:

  screen two --->>

→    Click on "Choose Color" to go to this screen:

  screen three --->>

 Color selected should be the lower left-hand corner box (black) from the "Basic colors" section.

→    Click on "Choose Font" to go to this screen:

  screen four --->>


gw 11/18/05