Campus Images Data Dictionary

Compiled by Molly Beisler

Academic Dept. or College
Building Name
Campus Activity or Event
Campus Scene
Contributing Institution


Date Digital
Digitization Specifications
Electronic Publisher
Image Date
Nev/Calif Location or Event
Ordering and Permissions Information

Photo Title
Resource type
Searchable Date
Campus photos field name Comments
Photo Title Brief descriptive phrase describing image. May be taken from a title written on the photograph, if there is one. Date may be included.

Capitalize all proper nouns, especially building names or official event names.

  • University entrance gates
  • Tram over Manzanita Lake
  • Lombardi Recreation Center

Where an individual's name is the title of photograph (such as for a portrait), use the individual's name in full, with  his/her professional title when such a title is know.

  • President Milton Glick

Aerial photos: Include date in the title field (just a year is fine)

  • Aerial view of campus (1973)
Classification Terms
The next seven fields are classification terms that are used for organization of campus photos and to enhance search and retrieval in the web interface.

**Terms are to be chosen from the controlled vocabulary list for each field.** If a new term is needed, notify Glee Willis. (All new terms must have a classification number, and a unique number must be assigned when a new term is to be used.)

Nev/Calif Location or Event Use this field for photographs of local events and places in the UNR campus vicinity: Reno/Sparks, the Sierra Nevada mountains, Lake Tahoe, the Balloon Races, the Nevada State Fair, ... etc.
People Use this field for photographs that contain certain classes of persons connected to the UNR campus: students, alumni, Presidents, visitors to campus, ... etc.

Do NOT use this field for individual names. Personal names should go in the Subject field.

Building Name Use this field for photographs of UNR buildings, interior or exterior shots. Certain interior spaces, such as Nightingale Hall or Schulich Lecture Hall,  have their own entries.

Aerial photos:

If the photograph is obviously focused on a specific building or campus location, include an entry for that building/location along with the general subject entry for aerial photographs (in the "Campus scenes" field):

  • 402 Aerials of campus
    349 Mathewson IGT Knowledge Center (2008)
Campus Scene Use this field for areas of the UNR campus that are not necessarily buildings: Orr Ditch, Manzanita Lake, the Quad, the Honor Court, ... etc.

Aerial photos:

If the photo is obviously taken from a specific direction, use one of the specific subject entries:

  • 402E Aerials of campus-View from the east
  • 402N Aerials of campus-View from the north
  • 402S Aerials of campus-View from the south
  • 402W Aerials of campus-View from the west

If the image is taken from the northeast, northwest, southeast, or southwest, use your judgement in determining which perspective would be of most interest to the viewer. (DO NOT use more that one direction.)

If the photo is taken from directly above campus, use the general subject entry:

  • 402 Aerials of campus

If the photograph is obviously focused on a specific building or campus location, include an entry for that building/location (in the "Building name" field) along with the general subject entry:

  • 402 Aerials of campus
    349 Mathewson IGT Knowledge Center (2008)
  • 402 Aerials of campus
    414 Manzanita Lake
Academic Dept. or College Use this field for photographs that reflect activities or events for specific deparments or colleges on campus: a chemistry class (Dept. of Chemistry), dance auditions (Dept of Music and Dance), an awards ceremony for a specific dept, a professor giving a lecture ... etc.
Campus Activity or Event Use this field for recurring events on campus: Homecoming, Mackay Week, Commencement ... etc.; or student activities: sports teams, political rallies, dorm life ... etc.
Campus Office/Entity/Program Use this field for official entities or programs on or connected to the UNR campus. (Do not use this field for academic departments and programs.)
Subject Terms in this field are taken from the Library of Congress Subject Headings list. (The easiest way to find these is to find an instance where a subject is used in the UNR Library's online catalog; if it has been used there, it is the proper form for a heading.) Subdivisions should follow the main term, separated by a "space-hyphen-hyphen-space".

Universities and colleges -- Nevada -- Reno
University of Nevada, Reno -- Buildings

Names used in the subject field should be in the form "Last name, First name." Again, check the UNR Library's online catalog for the name, and, if found in the catalog, use that form of the name (is the middle initial included? is the full name or a common nickname used?). If dates are included as part of a name, include them (they are sometimes used as part of a name to distinguish between different individuals with the same name).

Glick, Milton, 1937-2011

Description Describes in detail the content of the photograph. Include (if relevant and/or known):
  • place name (building, room, campus location, etc.)
  • names (if known) of any people shown in the photograph
  • caption from photograph
  • kind of image (photographic print, slide, digital photo, aerial photo, etc.)
  • dimensions of image

Also include any other information a searcher might need to find an image through a keyword search or to understand the context of the image: Is there a view of Peavine Mountain? Was a photograph taken from the future site of Getchell Library? Does a building no longer exist? What location was a photograph taken from?

"Photograph of Ansari Business Building, taken from the north side."
"Mackay Athletic Field, 1909, with a view of Peavine Mountain in the background."

Identifier Enter the accession number and image number.

Example:  UNRA-P879-1

Image Date
[displays to user]
Date when the photograph was taken. Use as exact a date as is possible, including the month and day, if known.

a. Year: YYYY ("1897" for the year 1897)
b. Month and year: MM-YYYY ("07-1897" for July 1897)
c. Complete date: MM-DD-YYYY ("07-16-1897" for July 16, 1897)

For older images, if the exact date is not known but you can make a pretty good guess for the date, use a "circa" date, e.g. "ca. 1934" or "ca. 1890."

An approximate date is better than no date, so make an educated guess as to a date whenever possible.

A circa date should be entered as:     ca. 19XX  (e.g., "ca. 1940")

For more information on dates, see the Dates page.


Searchable Date
[does not display to user]
Enter the searchable date in the form "YYYY".

When a "circa" date has been used in the "Image Date" field, enter a 10-year range (5 years earlier and 5 years later) around your guessed date. For "ca. 1934" (in the Image Date field), enter "1929-1939"  (no spaces between the dates and the dash).

(CONTENTdm will translate that range into "1929; 1930; 1931; ... etc." so a user will find the image if they search for any of the included dates.)

For more information on dates, see the Dates page.


Photographer Photographer's name, if known.
Electronic Publisher Campus entity responsible for creation of digital image:
  • University Archives, University of Nevada, Reno, Library
  • Office of Digital Initiatives
  • Teaching and Learning Technologies
Contributors Usually will not be used with photographs.

When it might be used:  This could be used if there was colorizing or digital enhancement of an image done by someone other than the photographer.

Resource type Use: "Image" for all digitized or digital images.
Format Use: "image/tiff" for tiff images.
Digitization Specifications This field documents technical information on how the digital resource was created.

For scanned images: include such information as scanner model, scan resolution, compression schemes, size/format of master file.

"These images exist as archived TIFF images and one or more JPEG versions for general use. They were scanned at 400 dpi, 24 bit from the original using an Epson Expression 1680 scanner, default color configuration."

For born-digital images: include type of camera and resolution of images

"These images exist as archived 400dpi TIFF images and one or more JPEG versions for general use. Taken with a Canon EOS 20D 8.1 megapixel camera."

Source Usually will not be used with photographs in this collection.

When it might be used:  Use this field to cite any other resource from which the digital resource was derived, either in whole or in part. For example, if your image was originally published somewhere else, such as in The Nevada Sagebrush or in Artemisia.

"Originally published in: Artemisia, 1995."
"Originally published in: "The Nevada Sagebrush, May 10, 2001."

Language For English, use "eng".

Only use if there is text in the image or a caption. Contact Glee if other language codes are needed.

Relation Note here if the image is part of a formally named or numbered group of images.

This will be used primarily for University Archives images.

Coverage Record geographic areas covered by the photograph, separated by a semicolon. For all UNR photos, use: "Reno (Nev.); Washoe County; Nevada"

If the photo is of another location, contact Glee for assistance with selecting the appropriate coverage term(s).

Ordering and Permissions Information Use: Not to be reproduced without permission. For permissions information, please see
To obtain copies of images, please use the shopping cart function (see "add to shopping cart" link on menu bar, above).

Date Digital Date when image was digitized. Enter dates in the form "MM-DD-YYYY". At a minimum, the year is required.
Contributing Institution Use: "University of Nevada, Reno"
Client Primarily for Theresa Danna-Douglas' use. Others may use it, as needed.

Last updated June 1, 2012