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1. 040 Silas E. Ross: Recollections of Life at Glendale, Nevada, Work at the University of Nevada, and Western Funeral Practice University of Nevada, Reno -- History; Undertakers and undertaking -- Nevada -- Biography Born in 1887 at Glendale, Truckee Meadows, Silas Earl Ross was the son of a pioneer rancher and farmer. Following his public schooling at Glendale and Reno, Mr. Ross entered the University of Nevada, where... 1968-1969

2. 167 Reflection, Recollection, and Change: Oral Histories of the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners -- History; Physicians -- Nevada -- History; Physicians -- Nevada -- Influence; Physicians -- Nevada; Medicine -- Nevada -- History; In 1899, the nineteenth legislature of the state of Nevada wrote the law that created the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners. The background to that statute, nationally and in Nevada, as well as the... 1994-1995

3. 018 Charles H. Russell: Reminiscences of a Nevada Congressman, Governor, and Legislator Politicians -- Nevada -- Biography; Governors -- Nevada; Nevada -- Politics and government Charles H. Russell was born in Lovelock in 1903. He recounts the details of an active political life in Nevada. He has served Nevada as a member of both houses of the state legislature, a congressman,... 1965-1966

4. 079 Ivan Sack: Forester Lost in the Woods, Sailor Lost on Rocks and Shoals: My Careers with the Forest Service and the U.S. Navy Forest rangers -- Nevada -- Biography; Forest reserves -- Nevada -- Management Ivan Sack was born in Colorado in 1908. He spent the early years of his life in Iowa, where he attended schools and Iowa State University. His youthful interest in botany and forestry later developed into... 1974-1975

5. 031 Gordon A. Sampson: Memoirs of a Canadian Army Officer and Business Analyst: Manufacturing, Motion Pictures, the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, Financial Affairs of Western Nevada, the Washoe County Fair and Recreation Board Virginia & Truckee Railroad; Reno (Nev.) -- Biography Gordon Alexander Sampson, a native of Canada, was born in 1888. He received his early education and training in the schools of Toronto. Following his formal education, he entered business first as a banker... 1967

6. 053 John Sanford: Printer's Ink in My Blood Reno evening gazette; Journalists -- Nevada -- Reno -- Biography; Nevada -- History John Sanford, a native of Reno, was born in 1906. He received his education in the Reno public schools and at the University of Nevada. His first—and only—career began while he was still in his teens.... 1971

7. 021 Norman H. Biltz: Memoirs of "Duke of Nevada": Developments of Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada; Reminiscences of Nevada Political and Financial Life Real estate agents -- Nevada -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government Norman H. Biltz was born in Connecticut in 1902. Moving west as a young man, he worked at a number of jobs before finding a profession in real estate promotion and development in California and Nevada,... 1967

8. 022 Minnie P. Blair: Days Remembered of Folsom and Placerville, California; Banking and Fanning in Goldfield, Tonopah, and Fallon, Nevada Businesswomen -- Nevada -- Biography; Fallon (Nev.) -- Biography Minnie P. (Nichols) Blair was born in California in 1886. She spent her early years in Folsom and Placerville. She arrived in Nevada in 1909, the bride of Ernest W. Blair, a banker in Goldfield. The Blairs... 1966-1967

9. 109 An Interview with Alice Mildred Byrne: A Contribution to a Survey of Life and Structures on the Comstock Virginia City (Nev.) -- History Alice Mildred Hinch Byrne, a native of Virginia City, Nevada, was born September 28, 1908, into a mining family that could trace its roots back two generations on the Comstock. She has lived in the Virginia... 1984

10. 145 Comstock Memories: 1920s - 1960s Oral Histories with: Tyrus R. Cobb, Edward S. Colletti, John A. Zalac, and Mildred B. Giuffra Beebe, Lucius Morris, 1902-1966; Tourism -- Nevada -- Virginia City; Virginia City (Nev.) -- Biography; Virginia City (Nev.) -- History Following the discovery of the Comstock Lode in 1869, miners and speculators rushed into the previously unsettled area, and three new towns quickly sprang up: Gold Hill, Silver City, and Virginia City.... 1984-1985

11. 056 Vincent P. Gianella: Recollections of Geological Work in the West, the University of Nevada, and Following Western Trails Mackay School of Mines; Geologists -- Nevada -- Biography Vincent P. Gianella was born at Marysville, California, on February 9, 1886 to parents of Italian and Irish descent, and he spent his boyhood on ranches in that vicinity. He obtained a Bachelor of Science... 1970

12. 015 Erma O. Godbey: Pioneering in Boulder City, Nevada Boulder City (Nev.) -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government Erma O. Godbey was born in 1905 in Colorado, and she spent her early years in the Colorado mining camp of Silverton. After her marriage to Thomas Godbey, she lived in a number of other mining towns, arriving... 1966

13. 068 Harold S. Gorman: Recollections of a Nevada Banker and Civic Leader Bankers -- Nevada -- Biography; Banks and banking -- Nevada Harold S. Gorman was born in Carlin, Nevada, in 1903. He moved with his family to Reno as a child. There, he attended local schools and trained for a profession in banking. His parents were prominent members... 1973

14. 007 An Interview with Amy Gulling Republican Party (Nev.) -- History; Reno (Nev.) -- Biography Mrs. Amy Thompson Gulling is a member of Reno's oldest family. Her grandmother, then a widow with three children, married the town's founder, Myron Lake. Mrs. Gulling's mother had vivid childhood memories... 1965

15. 024 George Hardman: Memoirs of Pioneer Work with the University of Nevada Agricultural Experiment Stations at Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada, and the U. S. Soil Conservation Service United States. Soil Conservation Service; Soil scientists -- Nevada -- Biography; Soil conservation -- Nevada George Hardman, a native of Oregon, was born near Prairie City in 1890. The son of a farmer, Mr. Hardman studied for a career in agriculture, receiving a master’s degree from Oregon Agricultural College... 1967

16. 016 Harry Hawkins: Douglas-Alpine History Washoe Indians; Alpine County (Calif.) -- Biography; Douglas County (Nev.) -- Biography Harry Hawkins was born in Alpine County, California, in 1881. His grandparents were among the earliest settlers in the area of Woodfords, on the property where Mr. Hawkins still resides. His home, which... 1965

17. 050 Leslie S. Kofoed: Kofoed's Meanderings in Lovelock Business, Nevada Government, the U. S Marshal's Office, and the Gaming Industry Businessmen -- Nevada -- Biography; Gambling -- Nevada Leslie S. Kofoed was born in Lovelock, Nevada, in 1909. He received his education in Lovelock schools, and then entered the business world. His early careers led Mr. Kofoed from construction to motel operation,... 1971

18. 038 Rene Watt Lemaire: Recollections of Life in Lander County, Nevada; Battle Mountain Business; and the Nevada State Senate Legislators -- Nevada -- Biography; Lander County (Nev.) -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government Rene Watt Lemaire is a native of Nevada, born in 1903. He has lived in Lander County all his life, engaging in business in Battle Mountain. Mr. Lemaire represented Lander County in the Nevada State Senate... 1967

19. 086 Paul A. Leonard: Tales of Northern Nevada - and Other Lies; As Recalled by Native Son, Journalist and Civic Leader Journalists -- Nevada -- Biography; American newspapers -- Nevada Paul A. Leonard was born in Fallon, Nevada, in 1911. The family moved to Reno in 1919, and Mr. Leonard received most of his education there in the public schools and at the University of Nevada. After... 1975-1976

20. 090 Lawrence W. Little: Recollections of My Years in Carson City: Teaching High School, Testing Highway Materials, Inspecting Heavy Construction, and Playing with Western Nevada Music Groups Nevada. Dept. of Transportation; Highway engineers -- Nevada -- Biography Lawrence W. Little was born in Colorado in 1900. He attended public schools and college in Colorado, and came to Nevada in 1924 to be a teacher at Carson High School. After several years as an instructor... 1971-1977
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