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  Oral History #: Title: LC Subject Headings: Description: Interview Date:

1. 001 An Interview with Milton Badt Judges -- Nevada -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government; Elko County (Nev.) -- History Milton B. Badt, associate justice of the Nevada Supreme Court, was a member of a pioneer Nevada family. His father, Morris Badt, was one of the state's early merchants, arriving in Elko County in 1868.... 1965

2. 003 Charles D. Gallagher: Memoir and Autobiography Photographers -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government; White Pine County (Nev.) -- History Charles D. Gallagher, born in 1884, is a native of White Pine County. His father, W. C. Gallagher, established a ranch there early in the state's history. The homestead, in the Duck Creek Valley, came... 1965

3. 012 Memoirs of Thomas Woodnutt Miller, a Public Spirited Citizen of Delaware and Nevada American Legion -- History; Politicians -- United States -- Biography; Delaware -- Politics and government; Nevada -- Politics and government Thomas W. Miller was born in 1886 in Wilmington, Delaware, a member of one of that state's political families. Miller's own career in politics began when he was still a very young man, and has continued... 1965

4. 015 Erma O. Godbey: Pioneering in Boulder City, Nevada Boulder City (Nev.) -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government Erma O. Godbey was born in 1905 in Colorado, and she spent her early years in the Colorado mining camp of Silverton. After her marriage to Thomas Godbey, she lived in a number of other mining towns, arriving... 1966

5. 018 Charles H. Russell: Reminiscences of a Nevada Congressman, Governor, and Legislator Politicians -- Nevada -- Biography; Governors -- Nevada; Nevada -- Politics and government Charles H. Russell was born in Lovelock in 1903. He recounts the details of an active political life in Nevada. He has served Nevada as a member of both houses of the state legislature, a congressman,... 1965-1966

6. 021 Norman H. Biltz: Memoirs of "Duke of Nevada": Developments of Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada; Reminiscences of Nevada Political and Financial Life Real estate agents -- Nevada -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government Norman H. Biltz was born in Connecticut in 1902. Moving west as a young man, he worked at a number of jobs before finding a profession in real estate promotion and development in California and Nevada,... 1967

7. 026 Peter B. Merialdo: Memoirs of a Son of Italian Immigrants, Recorder and Auditor of Eureka County, Nevada State Controller, And Republican Party Worker Nevada -- Politics and government; Eureka (Nev.) -- Biography Peter B. Merialdo was born in Eureka, Nevada, in 1899. The son of an immigrant Italian who established his home in Eureka in the 1870s, Mr. Merialdo grew up in that small central Nevada mining town. Once... 1966-1967

8. 034 Harry Hunt Atkinson: Tonopah and Reno Memories of a Nevada Attorney Lawyers -- Nevada -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government Harry Hunt Atkinson was raised in the Salt Lake City area where he was born in 1881. He had fond memories of surveying the Utah desert and of his excellent schooling in the gentile schools of that preponderantly... 1967

9. 038 Rene Watt Lemaire: Recollections of Life in Lander County, Nevada; Battle Mountain Business; and the Nevada State Senate Legislators -- Nevada -- Biography; Lander County (Nev.) -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government Rene Watt Lemaire is a native of Nevada, born in 1903. He has lived in Lander County all his life, engaging in business in Battle Mountain. Mr. Lemaire represented Lander County in the Nevada State Senate... 1967

10. 039 Peter C. Petersen: Reminiscences of My Work in Nevada Labor, Politics, Post Office, and Gaming Control Nevada -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government The life of Peter C. Petersen constitutes an American and Nevada success story. Born in Denmark, circa 1898, he immigrated to the United States in 1915 and arrived in Nevada in 1919. Petersen has had a... 1970

11. 045 Joseph F. McDonald: The Life of a Newsboy in Nevada Journalists -- Nevada -- Biography; Reno (Nev.) -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government Joseph F. McDonald has had an unusually rich and varied life, stretching over almost seventy years of Nevada's history. A native of Colorado, he was born in 1891, and his life initially revolved around... 1970

12. 046 Fred H. Settelmeyer: Recollections of Ranching in Carson Valley, Work as a Nevada State Senator, and Involvement with Western Water Problems Politicians -- Nevada -- Biography; Water resources development -- Nevada; Nevada -- Politics and government Fred H. Settelmeyer, a descendent of German immigrants, was born in Carson Valley in 1892. He and his family engaged in ranching in the western Nevada-eastern California-Douglas County area for more than... 1970

13. 047 James M. Slattery: Recollections of a Nevada Politician and Sportsman Legislators -- Nevada -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government James M. Slattery, a native of North Dakota, was born in 1907. He became interested in politics and sports at an early age-activities he continued to follow during his later life. Mr. Slattery worked as... 12/10/1970

14. 070 Robbins E. Cahill: Recollections of Work in State Politics, Government, Taxation, Gaming Control, Clark County Administration, and the Nevada Resort Association Taxation -- Nevada; Gambling -- Nevada -- History; Nevada -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government; Clark County (Nev.) -- Politics and government Robbins E. Cahill’s career of service to the state of Nevada has been long and distinguished. He has spent nearly his whole life in Nevada as student, businessman, politician, worker for state and local... 1971-1972

15. 073 Rodney J. Reynolds: A Cold War Politician of Nevada in the Fifties Businessmen -- Nevada -- Reno -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government Rodney J. Reynolds was born on July 31, 1912, in Currie, Nevada. The settlement consisted of a one-room school house, a freight house, and a combination general store, post office, meeting place, and saloon.... 1977

16. 095 Alan Bible: Recollection of a Nevada Native Son: The Law, Politics, the Nevada Attorney General's Office, and the United States Senate United States. Congress -- Biography; Lawyers -- Nevada -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government Alan Bible was born in Lovelock, Nevada, in 1909. He has had a long, distinguished career in state and national politics. A protege of Senator Patrick McCarran, Bible was successively district attorney... 1977-1978

17. 150 Barbara Bennett: Mayor of Reno and Community Activist Politicians -- Nevada; Reno (Nev.) -- Politics and government -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government -- Biography Barbara Bennett was born in 1923 in Oakland, California. Her oral history begins with a heartbreaking description of her early years there. Despite poverty, ill-treatment and neglect she survived and became... 1988

18. 158 Clarence Ray: Black Politics and Gaming in Las Vegas, 1920s-1980s Ray, Clarence -- Interviews; African Americans -- Nevada -- Las Vegas; Gamblers -- Nevada -- Las Vegas -- Biography; Gambling -- Nevada -- Las Vegas; Nevada -- Politics and government; Nevada -- Race relations; Las Vegas (Nev.) -- Biography; Las Vegas (Nev.) -- History The oral history of Clarence Ray is the third in a series intended to document the history of the black community in Las Vegas, of which Mr. Ray has been a member since the mid-1920s. The main source of... 1991

19. 163 Hang Tough! Grant Sawyer: An Activist in the Governor's Mansion Sawyer, Grant, 1918-1996 ; Governors -- Nevada -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government The impression most people have of Nevada is limited to Las Vegas’s Strip and Glitter Gulch (Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas). Nevada’s image is persistently and overwhelmingly negative because... 1991

20. 190 A Liberal Conscience: The Oral History of Ralph Denton, Nevadan Denton, Ralph L; Lawyers -- Nevada -- Biography; Agency (Law) -- Nevada -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government -- Biography A Liberal Conscience is the life story of a man who wanted to do something for his home state, and did. Ralph Denton is a classic “man behind the scenes.” Although he has practiced law for half a century—first... 1997-1998
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