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    • Russell, Charles H., 1903-1989
    • Politicians -- Nevada -- Biography; Governors -- Nevada; Nevada -- Politics and government
    • Charles H. Russell was born in Lovelock in 1903. He recounts the details of an active political life in Nevada. He has served Nevada as a member of both houses of the state legislature, a congressman, and a two-term governor. Russell has been a...
    • Binion, Lester Ben, 1904-1989
    • Horseshoe Club (Las Vegas, Nev.); Gamblers -- Nevada -- Biography; Las Vegas (Nev.) -- Biography
    • Lester Ben "Benny" Binion, is a native of Texas, born in Pilot Grove in 1904. His family were farmers, stock raisers, and horse traders near El Paso, Dallas, and Sweetwater. In his early teens, Benny Binion developed interests in gambling,...
    • Smith Jr., Arthur M., 1922-1999
    • Smith, Arthur M., 1922- ; First Interstate Bank of Nevada -- History; Bankers -- Nevada -- Biography; Banks and banking -- Nevada -- History
    • When the infant Arthur M. Smith, Jr. arrived in Nevada with his parents in 1922, about 75,000 people lived in the state. Eighty percent of Nevada’s population was rural. Mining, ranching, and railroading were the foundations of its economy, and...
    • Nelson, Warren L., 1913-2004
    • Gambling -- Nevada -- History; Casinos -- Nevada -- Management
    • Warren Nelson was born in Great Falls, Montana, in 1913. He went to high school and one year of college in Helena, Montana. He started his gambling career, a career that has lasted over forty-five years, in Montana. Nelson came to Reno at the...
    • Aulestia, Gorka Jon, 1932-; Berner, Jill H., 1948-; Camino, Kathleen Joan, 1964-; Douglass, William Anthony, 1939-; Mallea-Olaetxe, Joxe, 1940-; Ott, Sandra Jean, 1951-; Ugalde, Marcelino, 1963-; Urza, Carmelo, 1948-; White, Linda Louise, 1949-;...
    • Douglass, William A; University of Nevada, Reno. Center for Basque Studies – History; Basque Americans -- West (U.S.)
    • 1967 a small Basque studies program was established within the Social Sciences Division of the University of Nevada's Desert Research Institute. As originally conceived, the program's purpose was to study the Basques (who were historically the...
    • Basque Studies at the University of Nevada
    • Kling, Dwayne, 1929-
    • Casinos -- Nevada -- Employees -- Biography; Gambling -- Nevada -- History
    • Dwayne Kling's career is a story of hard work, a desire to be the best, and opportunity. Dwayne came to Nevada as a semi-pro baseball player, playing for Harrah's Club, in the summer of 1947. He was between his first and second year of college at...
    • Aiazzi, David; Ainsworth, Cindy; Akert, Ben; Avansino, Norm; Belaustegui, Dick; Bullentini, Piero; Canepa, Gaye; Chamberlain, Sharon; Cividino, Paolo; Clark, Casey; Conder, Tim; Deal, Kerry; Durham, Will; Ede, Les; Erreguible, Lorraine; Erreguible,...
    • Businesswomen -- Nevada -- Biography; Businessmen -- Nevada -- Biography; Nevada -- History -- 20th century; Nevada -- Biography; Oral history -- Nevada; Reno (Nev.) -- History;
    • In 2011, the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) initiated a comprehensive study of the entire Fourth Street-Prater Way corridor, intending to improve not only public transportation in the area, but safety and livability. The conjunction of...
    • Hood, Jeanne, 1926-
    • Hood, Jeanne; Four Queens Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas, Nev.); Hyatt Hotels Corporation; Gambling industry -- Nevada -- Las Vegas; Hospitality industry -- Nevada -- Las Vegas - Biography; Women executives -- Nevada -- Las Vegas - Biography; Las...
    • Gaming as a corporate enterprise is relatively new in comparison to most other industries. Nevada legalized gambling in 1931, and in the first decades, casinos were small by today's standards. They were normally owned by one or two people or a...
    • Ballardini-Persigehl, Angela Savina, 1937-; Benedetti, Linda C. Oppio, 1913-2005; Bonaldi, Bonaldo "Burt", 1926-; Buonanoma, Luigi Bruno, 1915-2009; Cafferata, Harold Treat, 1937-; Canepa, Evelyn G., 1936-; Capurro, Robert S., 1941-; Carbon, Jean...
    • Italian Americans -- Nevada -- Interviews; Italian Americans -- Nevada -- History; Nevada -- History
    • From Territorial days to the present, Italian immigrants and their descendants have played important roles in shaping life in northern Nevada. For much of that time they constituted the largest and most influential ethnic group in the region. In...
    • The Italian-American Experience in Northwestern Nevada
    • Adams, Nancy Mount, 1932-; Bartak, Vivian K., 1924-2004; Brodie, Ronald Jack, 1922-; Carnall, Stewart Ronald, 1929-1998; Cooper, Geraldine "Gerry", 1920-2001; Dodgion, Barbara Faye, 1940-; Douglass, Robert P., 1914-; Earnest, Donald Frederick,...
    • Silver Peak Mining District (Nev.) -- Biography; Silver Peak Mining District (Nev.) -- History
    • While the rest of the nation struggled through the Great Depression of the 1930s, there existed a few isolated oases-towns where a single industry offered jobs and allowed families to remain together, intact and relatively unscathed by economic...
    • Silver Peak Oral History Project
    • Anderson, Frederick M., 1906-2003
    • University of Nevada, Reno -- History; Physicians -- Nevada -- Biography
    • Dr. Fred Anderson's career has been an exceptional one, combining major contributions in the fields of medicine and higher education in the state of Nevada. When Fred Anderson retired from the practice of medicine in 1983, he left behind a long...
    • Bennett, Barbara J., 1923-1993
    • Politicians -- Nevada; Reno (Nev.) -- Politics and government -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government -- Biography
    • Barbara Bennett was born in 1923 in Oakland, California. Her oral history begins with a heartbreaking description of her early years there. Despite poverty, ill-treatment and neglect she survived and became more resilient, independent and strong....
    • Cahlan, John F., 1902-1987
    • Journalists -- Nevada -- Biography, Las Vegas (Nev.) -- Biography
    • When John Francis Cahlan first arrived in Las Vegas in 1929 he could legitimately claim that he was older than the sleepy railroad community founded in 1905. A native of Reno, he was born to Albert and Marion Cahlan in 1902, the youngest of two...
    • Calhoun, James W., 1903-1993
    • Nevada State Museum
    • James W. Calhoun was born in Philipsburg, Montana, in 1903. His oral history outlines the development of the Nevada State Museum, of which he was director from 1950 to 1973. The museum was founded in 1939, when the Nevada legislature passed a bill...
    • Douglass, Jack R., 1910-2002
    • Gambling -- Nevada -- History
    • In 1993-1996 Bill Douglass, founder and head of UNR's Basque Studies Program, tape recorded a family history with his father, Jack. Jack Douglass has been involved in gaming since the 1930s, getting his start by running a slot machine route in...
    • Moore, William J., 1913-1982
    • Last Frontier Hotel (Las Vegas, Nev.); Las Vegas (Nev.) -- Biography
    • William J. Moore, Jr., was born in Lane City, Texas, on July 17, 1913. Within the year his family moved to Oklahoma where Moore was educated. Voted most likely to succeed by his classmates, he was graduated from Oklahoma A & M with a degree in...
    • Ray, Clarence, 1900-1993
    • Ray, Clarence -- Interviews; African Americans -- Nevada -- Las Vegas; Gamblers -- Nevada -- Las Vegas -- Biography; Gambling -- Nevada -- Las Vegas; Nevada -- Politics and government; Nevada -- Race relations; Las Vegas (Nev.) -- Biography; Las...
    • The oral history of Clarence Ray is the third in a series intended to document the history of the black community in Las Vegas, of which Mr. Ray has been a member since the mid-1920s. The main source of employment for the relatively small black...
    • Saiger, Morton, 1903-1997
    • Last Frontier Hotel (Las Vegas, Nev.); Las Vegas (Nev.) -- Biography
    • Morton "Mort" Saiger was born in 1903 and raised in a Jewish ghetto in Poland. He fled the country at the close of 1920 to avoid military service, and came to the United States. Other family members had preceded him several years before, and he...
    • Ullom George L., 1915-1997
    • Las Vegas (Nev.) -- Biography; Clark County (Nev.) -- Politics and government
    • The transformation of Las Vegas from an empty desert landscape into a sprawling metropolis of 700,000 in eighty years is among the most remarkable stories in the history of the American West, but only a few of the city's citizens can claim to have...
    • Chew, Lai King, 1909-2011
    • Chinese Americans -- Nevada -- Reno -- History -- Interviews; Reno (Nev.) -- History
    • Between 1849 and 1876 the population of Chinese immigrants coming to the U.S. swelled to 151,000. Beset by war and famine at home, the Chinese were attracted to the promise of gold in the Western United States. Called - coolies, - the Chinese...
    • Graves, Richard L., 1912-
    • Nugget (Casino : Sparks & Carson City, Nev.); Casinos -- Nevada; Restaurateurs -- Nevada -- Biography; Travelers -- Nevada -- Biography
    • Richard "Dick" Graves was born in Boise, Idaho, on August 23, 1912. An astute businessman, he spent nearly twenty years in the gaming industry in Idaho. When that state banned gambling in 1953, he came to Nevada in 1954 to start over. Though many...
    • Harrah, William F., 1911-1978
    • Gambling -- Nevada -- History; Casinos -- Nevada -- Management; Hotelkeepers -- Nevada -- Biography; Automobiles -- Collectors and collecting -- Nevada
    • William Fisk Harrah was a native of California, born in 1911. He grew up and received his education in southern California, where his father was an attorney and politician. During his college years, William Harrah and his family encountered in...
    • Harrah's Club Project
    • McCloskey, John R., 1911-2000
    • Mineral County independent-news; Journalists -- Nevada -- Biography; Hawthorne (Nev.) -- History
    • John R. "Jack" McCloskey, a native of Goldfield, Nevada, was born in 1911. His parents had left Leadville, Colorado, in the wake of labor violence there. McCloskey attended local schools in Goldfield and Tonopah, always interested in the newspaper...
    • Applewhite, Patricia; Beasley, Rosalie, 1923-2004; Bergmann, Harry J., 1922-2009; Bletcher, Mary; Brown, Margaret Ellen, 1916-2003; Cable, David, 1919-; Chiatovich, Cleo Della Quadri; Clifford Jr., Charles F., 1931-; Davis, Ruth Yonne "Todd",...
    • Smith, Raymond I., -1967; Smith, Raymond I., -1967 -- Employees -- Interviews; Smith family; Harold's Club (Reno, Nev.) -- History; Casinos -- Nevada -- Employees -- Biography; Casinos -- Nevada -- History; Oral history; Gambling -- Nevada --...
    • A Family Affair is the story of Harolds Club and the remarkable family that owned it. It is also a revealing chronicle of the casino gaming industry’s colorful, vigorous, and sometimes outrageous youth. Nevada’s legislature legalized casino...
    • Harolds Club and the Smiths Remembered
    • Denton, Ralph, 1925-2012
    • Denton, Ralph L; Lawyers -- Nevada -- Biography; Agency (Law) -- Nevada -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government -- Biography
    • A Liberal Conscience is the life story of a man who wanted to do something for his home state, and did. Ralph Denton is a classic “man behind the scenes.” Although he has practiced law for half a century—first in Elko, Nevada, from 1951 to 1955,...
    • Nelson, Warren Lawrence, 1913-2004
    • Nelson, Warren, 1913- ; Gamblers -- Nevada -- Biography; Gambling -- Nevada -- History -- 20th century; Casinos -- Nevada -- History -- 20th century
    • At the beginning of the Great Depression of the 1930s, eighteen-year-old Warren Nelson lost his job with the Park Hotel in Great Falls, Montana. Work of any sort was scarce, but Nelson did not long remain unemployed—he used a family connection to...
    • Begovich, Milos "Sharkey", 1926-2002; Caselli, James Donald, 1936-2009; Codega, Dolores Loree, 1924-2001; Curtis, Mark, 1921-1998; DeLauer, Lee K., 1925-2007; Diullo, Eugene, 1913-2007; Drews, George, 1930-; Dyer, Joan, 1938-; Dyer, Lloyd T.,...
    • Harrah, William; Harrah, William -- Friends and associates -- Interviews; Harrah, William -- Employees -- Interviews; Casinos -- Nevada -- Employees -- Biography; Casinos -- Nevada -- History; Oral history; Gambling -- Nevada -- History -- 20th...
    • Casino gambling (or “gaming,” as the industry prefers) was made legal in Nevada by an act of the state legislature in 1931. Early casinos in Nevada were rough-and-tumble businesses still deeply rooted in the frontier ethos from which gaming had...
    • Harrah's Club Project
    • Bonaldi, Bonaldo “Burt”, 1926-; Durkee, Marian Eleanor Capurro, 1936-; Edwards, Judith Matley, 1943; Frugoli, Joe; Glandville, Julia Gonfiantini, 1929-2008; Gonfinantini, Christopher; Gonfinantini, Glen; Gonfiantini Jr., Nello, 1926-; Gonfiantini...
    • Italian Americans -- Nevada -- Social life and customs; Italian Americans -- Nevada -- History; Cooking, Italian
    • Celebrations and activities with friends and family seem, to a large extent, to serve as the glue binding together the Italian-American community in northwestern Nevada, and food and the social events surrounding it are important cultural markers...
    • The Italian-American Experience in Northwestern Nevada
    • Dixon, Louis Mead, 1919-1993
    • Dixon, Mead, 1919- ; Lawyers -- Nevada -- Biography; Casinos -- Law and legislation -- Nevada -- History; Gambling -- Nevada -- History
    • In Playing the Cards That Are Dealt, the reader will encounter forty years of casino gaming history as lived and observed by one of the industry’s most respected figures. L. Mead Dixon began practicing law in Reno in 1950. He quickly became an...
    • Melton, Rollan Doyle, 1931-2002
    • Melton, Rollan, 1931-; Journalists -- United States -- Biography; Journalists -- Nevada -- Biography
    • In popular myth, anyone can make it to the top in America, no matter how humble his or her origins. That may be true, but few have faced greater challenges along the way than did Rollan Melton. Sonny, as he was called when he was young, was born...
    • Douglass, Jack R., 1910-2002
    • Douglass, Jack, 1910-; Casinos -- Nevada -- Employees -- Biography; Gambling -- Nevada -- History
    • In 1931 gambling had been technically illegal in the state since 1910, but it was nonetheless going on more or less openly at the margins of Nevada society. In Reno Bill Graham and Jim McKay operated the Bank Club in the basement of the Golden...
    • Cladianos Jr., Pete, 1929-
    • Cladianos, Pete, 1929- ; Gambling -- Nevada -- Reno -- History
    • Casino gambling (or “gaming,” as the industry prefers) was made legal in Nevada by the state legislature’s passage in 1931 of AB 98, the Casino Gaming Act. Initially, the majority of Nevada casinos were small establishments containing a few...
    • Bergin, Leo Parnell, 1936-; Carano, Donald; Frankovich, John, 1946-; Manoukian, Donald, 1934-; McDonald, Robert Lewis, 1920-2008; Saulnier, Neoma Leigh, 1971-; Wilson, Thomas R.C. "Spike", 1935-
    • Robert (Bob) L. McDonald, a native of Reno, Nevada, was born on South Virginia Street in 1920. His mother, Leola Lewis McDonald, and father, Joseph F. McDonald, Sr., were involved in the newspaper business. Leola McDonald wrote the society page,...
    • Tell 'Em Where You Got It! Interviews with Robert L. McDonald and Colleagues
    • Bernardi, James, 1942-; Cassas, Frank, 1940-; Cobb, Neal, 1939-; Covello, Lena, 1951-; Margo Daniels, Margo, 1937-; Fenwick, Jerry, 1936-;Fulkerson, Mary Lee, 1936-; Gould, Martha, 1931-; Hancock, Catherine, 1929-; Hoffer, Claudia, 1925-; Howell,...
    • Through interviews with 30 community members, conducted between 2009 and 2011, “The Cultural Side of Reno” explores the growth and development of Northern Nevada’s cultural and artistic landscape. This project is the product of an innovative...
    • The Cultural Side of Reno
    • Claiborne, Harry Eugene, 1917-2004
    • Lawyers -- Nevada -- Biography;
    • The life of Harry Eugene Claiborne, born July 2, 1917, had many chapters, from a rural childhood in McRae, Arkansas, to the neon lights of Las Vegas, Nevada; it was a varied life that would eventually put him in the crosshairs of a federal Strike...
    • Nevada Legal Oral History Project
    • Becker, Patricia; Bible, Paul; Bible, William (Bill); Bybee, Shannon; Cunningham, Gerald; Curran, William (Bill); DuCharme, Steve; Goldwater, Bert; Gomes, Dennis; Hannifin, Phillip (Phil); Jacka, S. Barton (Bart); Lewis, Bob; Marshall, Arthur;...
    • Nevada Gaming Commission; Nevada -- Biography; Nevada -- History -- 20th century; Nevada -- Politics and government -- Biography; Oral history -- Nevada;
    • Through interviews with 21 individuals with a wide range of firsthand experiences, this oral history project illuminates the evolution of gaming regulation in Nevada. The elimination of organized crime from the state’s casinos might have happened...
    • Bacon, Jack; Basccom, Jonathan; Bonnenfant, Mark; Borde, Tammy; Carter, Bernie; Christensen, Christian; Christensen, Kasey; Cobb, Neal; Collins, Randy; Doege, Paul; Fenwick, Jerry; Fontana, Ivan; Bonnette, Sadie; Granata, Joe; Hawkins, Jack;...
    • Businessmen -- Nevada -- Biography; Businessmen -- Nevada -- Reno -- Biography; Businesswomen -- Nevada -- Biography; Reno (Nev.) -- Biography; Reno (Nev.) -- History;
    • The Midtown History Project, of which these oral histories are a component, was initiated by the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County (RTC) in 2015 as part of its Virginia Street Bus RAPID Transit Extension Project. That broader...


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