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    • Bergin, Leo Parnell, 1936-; Carano, Donald; Frankovich, John, 1946-; Manoukian, Donald, 1934-; McDonald, Robert Lewis, 1920-2008; Saulnier, Neoma Leigh, 1971-; Wilson, Thomas R.C. "Spike", 1935-
    • Robert (Bob) L. McDonald, a native of Reno, Nevada, was born on South Virginia Street in 1920. His mother, Leola Lewis McDonald, and father, Joseph F. McDonald, Sr., were involved in the newspaper business. Leola McDonald wrote the society page,...
    • Tell 'Em Where You Got It! Interviews with Robert L. McDonald and Colleagues
    • Bernardi, James, 1942-; Cassas, Frank, 1940-; Cobb, Neal, 1939-; Covello, Lena, 1951-; Margo Daniels, Margo, 1937-; Fenwick, Jerry, 1936-;Fulkerson, Mary Lee, 1936-; Gould, Martha, 1931-; Hancock, Catherine, 1929-; Hoffer, Claudia, 1925-; Howell,...
    • Through interviews with 30 community members, conducted between 2009 and 2011, “The Cultural Side of Reno” explores the growth and development of Northern Nevada’s cultural and artistic landscape. This project is the product of an innovative...
    • The Cultural Side of Reno
    • Burton, Angus M. , 1958-; Hancock Fish, Marion; MacFie, Valerie, 1957-; Malcolm, Allen R., 1927-; Melton, Marilyn, 1933-; Mitchell, Joe, 1948-; Scanlon, Ann Marie, 1942-; Snow, David H., 1958-; Snow, Jonathan L., 1966-; Williams, Emelie M.
    • Although born and raised in New York State, businessman, publisher, and Speidel Newspapers chairman John Ben Snow has had an enormous impact nationwide, through the legacy of philanthropic generosity he left behind. The John Ben Snow Foundation,...
    • A Tradition of Giving: An Oral History of the John Ben Snow Foundation and the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust
    • Chadwell, C.A. "Chad", 1917-2010; Crawford, Marshall Andrew, 1915-2009; Cushing, Calvin C., 1916-2009; DeCarlo, Michael P., 1920-2011; Ferguson, William D. “W.D.”, 1921-2002; Fry, Raymond Hart, 1913-2002; Hash, Ralph N., 1917-2011; Haynes, Herman...
    • The 1930’s CCC program, formed in response to the Great Depression, brought 30,000 young, unemployed men from eastern cities and Midwest farms to work solving ecological problems in Nevada. The state was little affected by the 1929 stock market...
    • The Civilian Conservation Corps in Nevada
    • Fowler, Catherine S., 1940-; Hardesty, Donald L., 1941-
    • The Research Museum of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Nevada, Reno, was founded in 1980 when the department inherited a number of archaeological and ethnographic collections accumulated by the UNR branch of the Nevada...
    • The University of Nevada, Reno Anthropology Research Museum
    • Johnson, Lubertha, 1906-
    • African American women -- Nevada -- Las Vegas -- Biography; African Americans -- Civil rights -- Nevada; Racism -- Nevada -- Las Vegas; Las Vegas (Nev.) -- Race relations
    • This oral history with Lubertha Johnson documents one black professional woman's service in the cause of civil rights. From the formative phase of the modern black struggle for equality in the 1940s, through the high tide of activism in the 1960s...
    • Barmettler, Edmund R., 1922-2004; Burnside, Alan; Caudle, Sheila; Cotton, George; Del Papa, Frankie Sue, 1949-; Grotegut, Eugene K.; Jacobsen, Harold; Miller, Janice; Perkins, Charles H.; Test, Louis S.; Trachok, Richard M. 1925-
    • Albright, Laurie; Barmettler, Edmund R; Barnes, Roberta; Basta, Samuel M; Bradford, John; Burnside, Alan; Carpenter, Kenneth J; Caudle, Sheila; Cotton, George; Crowley, Joseph N., 1933-; Davis, Emerson S; Del Papa, Frankie Sue, 1949-; Dickstein,...
    • In this volume, eleven prominent members of the university community commented on events at the university in the academic year of 1970-1971. The objective was to present a picture of the University of Nevada as observed by students, faculty, and...
    • University of Nevada, Reno Oral Histories 1970-1974
    • McDonough, Robert E.; Grotegut, Eugene K.; Otani, William W.; Klaich, Daniel J.; Mastroianni, Robert P.; Elmore, Richard L.; Albright, Laurie; Davis, Emerson S.; Jacobsen, Harold; Marschall, John Peter, 1933-1994; Gorrell, Robert M., 1914-; Barnes,...
    • Albright, Laurie; Barmettler, Edmund R; Barnes, Roberta; Basta, Samuel M; Bradford, John; Burnside, Alan; Carpenter, Kenneth J; Caudle, Sheila; Cotton, George; Crowley, Joseph N., 1933-; Davis, Emerson S; Del Papa, Frankie Sue, 1949-; Dickstein,...
    • Volume Two in this series contains sixteen interviews of members of the University of Nevada, Reno community, in a joint project conducted by the Oral History Program and University Archives. Those interviewed were: Robert E. McDonough, president,...
    • University of Nevada, Reno Oral Histories 1970-1974
    • Havas, Paul; Howard, Anne B., 1927-; Elmore, Richard L.; Bradford, John; Jacobsen, Harold; Dodson, John; Peterson, Ann; Crowley, Joseph N., 1933-; Donovan, Ruth H., 1927-2008; Mozingo, Hugh N.; Richardson, James T.; Lilly, Luella, 1937-; Sharpnack,...
    • Albright, Laurie; Barmettler, Edmund R; Barnes, Roberta; Basta, Samuel M; Bradford, John; Burnside, Alan; Carpenter, Kenneth J; Caudle, Sheila; Cotton, George; Crowley, Joseph N., 1933-; Davis, Emerson S; Del Papa, Frankie Sue, 1949-; Dickstein,...
    • Twelve University of Nevada-Reno leaders were interviewed in the third volume of this joint project conducted by the Oral History Program and University Archives. Those interviewed included Paul Havas, president, Alumni Association; Anne B. Howard,...
    • University of Nevada, Reno Oral Histories 1970-1974
    • Basta, Sam M.; Dickstein, Martin; Driggs, Don; Harder, Kelsie; Howard, Anne B., 1927-; Hulse, James Warren, 1930-; Jacobsen, Harold; Peterson, Gerald W.; Reynolds, Terry; Richardson, James T.; Struve, Larry D.;
    • Albright, Laurie; Barmettler, Edmund R; Barnes, Roberta; Basta, Samuel M; Bradford, John; Burnside, Alan; Carpenter, Kenneth J; Caudle, Sheila; Cotton, George; Crowley, Joseph N., 1933-; Davis, Emerson S; Del Papa, Frankie Sue, 1949-; Dickstein,...
    • Twelve university leaders were interviewed in the fourth volume of this joint project conducted by the Oral History Program and University Archives. Those interviewed were: Larry D. Struve, president, Alumni Association; Professor Gerald W....
    • University of Nevada, Reno Oral Histories 1970-1974
    • Miller, Thomas Woodnut, 1886-1973
    • American Legion -- History; Politicians -- United States -- Biography; Delaware -- Politics and government; Nevada -- Politics and government
    • Thomas W. Miller was born in 1886 in Wilmington, Delaware, a member of one of that state's political families. Miller's own career in politics began when he was still a very young man, and has continued to the present time. Through a combination of...
    • d'Azevedo, Warren L., 1920-2014
    • Anthropologists -- Nevada -- Biography; Washoe Indians -- Great Basin
    • On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Great Basin Anthropological Conference in Reno, Brian Wallace, Chairman of the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California, proclaimed October 15, 2005 officially "Warren d'Azevedo Day" in recognition of...
    • Downs, James F.; Freed, Stanley; Handelman, Don; Leis, Philip; Miller, Peter; Mordy, Brooke; Scotch, Norman; Siskin, Edgar; Spring, Anita; Wendt, Betty
    • Anthropologists -- Nevada -- Biography; Washoe Indians; Washoe Indians -- Biography; Washoe Indians -- Great Basin; Indians of North America -- Great Basin;
    • Ten ethnographers, whose combined field work among the Washoe people of Nevada and California span nearly 30 years (1937-1965), share their life histories and reflect on the discipline of anthropology and what inspired them to become ethnographers,...
    • Parsons, Edward S., 1907-1991
    • Architects -- Nevada -- Biography; Historic buildings -- Nevada -- Conservation and restoration
    • Edward Shier Parsons was born in Tonopah, Nevada, in 1907. He attended schools in Salt Lake City and Reno. Interested in an architectural career from a very early age, Parsons studied his profession at the University of Southern California and...
    • Gorman, Harold S., 1903-
    • Bankers -- Nevada -- Biography; Banks and banking -- Nevada
    • Harold S. Gorman was born in Carlin, Nevada, in 1903. He moved with his family to Reno as a child. There, he attended local schools and trained for a profession in banking. His parents were prominent members of the community, his father being...
    • Glass, Alton E., 1893-1966
    • Bankers -- Nevada -- Biography; Banks and banking -- Nevada
    • Alton E. Glass was interested in, or associated with, agriculture nearly all his life. Born in 1893 on a ranch at San Ramon, California, he spent his early childhood on the T. B. Rickey ranch in eastern California. He remembers well the Rickey...
    • Cobb, Tyrus R., 1915-1997; Colletti, Edward S., 1917-1988; Zalac, John A., 1917-; Giuffra, Mildred B., 1915-
    • Beebe, Lucius Morris, 1902-1966; Tourism -- Nevada -- Virginia City; Virginia City (Nev.) -- Biography; Virginia City (Nev.) -- History
    • Following the discovery of the Comstock Lode in 1869, miners and speculators rushed into the previously unsettled area, and three new towns quickly sprang up: Gold Hill, Silver City, and Virginia City. Virginia City was formed around the numerous...
    • Comstock Memories: 1920s - 1960s
    • Merrill, Mary Ann, 1915-2004
    • Boulder City (Nev.) -- Biography; Boulder City (Nev.) -- Social life and customs
    • When construction began on the Boulder Canyon Project (Hoover Dam) in 1931, the nearest community was Las Vegas, thirty miles to the northwest. The first construction workers and their families camped along the Colorado River in tents and shacks...
    • Godbey, Erma O., 1905-1993
    • Boulder City (Nev.) -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government
    • Erma O. Godbey was born in 1905 in Colorado, and she spent her early years in the Colorado mining camp of Silverton. After her marriage to Thomas Godbey, she lived in a number of other mining towns, arriving finally in Boulder City, Nevada. At that...
    • Bacon, Jack; Basccom, Jonathan; Bonnenfant, Mark; Borde, Tammy; Carter, Bernie; Christensen, Christian; Christensen, Kasey; Cobb, Neal; Collins, Randy; Doege, Paul; Fenwick, Jerry; Fontana, Ivan; Bonnette, Sadie; Granata, Joe; Hawkins, Jack;...
    • Businessmen -- Nevada -- Biography; Businessmen -- Nevada -- Reno -- Biography; Businesswomen -- Nevada -- Biography; Reno (Nev.) -- Biography; Reno (Nev.) -- History;
    • The Midtown History Project, of which these oral histories are a component, was initiated by the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County (RTC) in 2015 as part of its Virginia Street Bus RAPID Transit Extension Project. That broader...
    • Reynolds, Rodney J., 1912-2006
    • Businessmen -- Nevada -- Reno -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government
    • Rodney J. Reynolds was born on July 31, 1912, in Currie, Nevada. The settlement consisted of a one-room school house, a freight house, and a combination general store, post office, meeting place, and saloon. There were also three homes, one of...
    • Aiazzi, David; Ainsworth, Cindy; Akert, Ben; Avansino, Norm; Belaustegui, Dick; Bullentini, Piero; Canepa, Gaye; Chamberlain, Sharon; Cividino, Paolo; Clark, Casey; Conder, Tim; Deal, Kerry; Durham, Will; Ede, Les; Erreguible, Lorraine; Erreguible,...
    • Businesswomen -- Nevada -- Biography; Businessmen -- Nevada -- Biography; Nevada -- History -- 20th century; Nevada -- Biography; Oral history -- Nevada; Reno (Nev.) -- History;
    • In 2011, the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) initiated a comprehensive study of the entire Fourth Street-Prater Way corridor, intending to improve not only public transportation in the area, but safety and livability. The conjunction of...
    • Kling, Dwayne, 1929-
    • Casinos -- Nevada -- Employees -- Biography; Gambling -- Nevada -- History
    • Dwayne Kling's career is a story of hard work, a desire to be the best, and opportunity. Dwayne came to Nevada as a semi-pro baseball player, playing for Harrah's Club, in the summer of 1947. He was between his first and second year of college at...
    • Chew, Lai King, 1909-2011
    • Chinese Americans -- Nevada -- Reno -- History -- Interviews; Reno (Nev.) -- History
    • Between 1849 and 1876 the population of Chinese immigrants coming to the U.S. swelled to 151,000. Beset by war and famine at home, the Chinese were attracted to the promise of gold in the Western United States. Called - coolies, - the Chinese...
    • Cladianos Jr., Pete, 1929-
    • Cladianos, Pete, 1929- ; Gambling -- Nevada -- Reno -- History
    • Casino gambling (or “gaming,” as the industry prefers) was made legal in Nevada by the state legislature’s passage in 1931 of AB 98, the Casino Gaming Act. Initially, the majority of Nevada casinos were small establishments containing a few...
    • Tinkham, N.A. "Tink", 1905-
    • Clock and watch makers -- Nevada -- Biography; Bands (Music) -- Nevada -- Reno; Music -- Nevada -- Reno
    • N. A. "Tink" Tinkham was born in Massachusetts in 1905 and spent most of his youth in New England. Service in the United States Marine Corps took him to California, where he made his home until the 1940s, when the service brought him to Reno. Early...
    • Beasley, Bud, 1910-2004
    • Coaches (Athletics) -- Nevada -- Biography
    • Bud Beasley's career as an educator in Reno spanned seventy years. Born in New Mexico in 1910, Beasley soon moved to California, where he graduated from Santa Cruz High School. He came to Reno in 1930 where he enrolled in the University of Nevada...
    • Marks, William L., 1918-
    • Crystal Bar (Virginia City, Nev.); Bars (Drinking establishments) -- Nevada -- Virginia City; Virginia City (Nev.) -- History
    • William "Bill" Leslie Marks was born on the Comstock at the Ophir house on October 17, 1918. He attended the First and the Fourth Ward schools in Virginia City, and then completed his education at the University of Nevada. During the Second World...
    • A Survey of Life and Structures on the Comstock
    • Thornton, Hale Crosby, 1921-
    • Daughters of the American Revolution. Sagebrush Chapter; Reno (Nev.) -- Biography
    • A member of a prominent New England family, Hale Crosby Thornton was born on April 15, 1921, in Dover, New Hampshire. She was brought up there on the dairy farm originally purchased by her great-grandfather, and she was educated and married in New...
    • Denton, Ralph, 1925-2012
    • Denton, Ralph L; Lawyers -- Nevada -- Biography; Agency (Law) -- Nevada -- Biography; Nevada -- Politics and government -- Biography
    • A Liberal Conscience is the life story of a man who wanted to do something for his home state, and did. Ralph Denton is a classic “man behind the scenes.” Although he has practiced law for half a century—first in Elko, Nevada, from 1951 to 1955,...
    • Dixon, Louis Mead, 1919-1993
    • Dixon, Mead, 1919- ; Lawyers -- Nevada -- Biography; Casinos -- Law and legislation -- Nevada -- History; Gambling -- Nevada -- History
    • In Playing the Cards That Are Dealt, the reader will encounter forty years of casino gaming history as lived and observed by one of the industry’s most respected figures. L. Mead Dixon began practicing law in Reno in 1950. He quickly became an...
    • Douglass, Jack R., 1910-2002
    • Douglass, Jack, 1910-; Casinos -- Nevada -- Employees -- Biography; Gambling -- Nevada -- History
    • In 1931 gambling had been technically illegal in the state since 1910, but it was nonetheless going on more or less openly at the margins of Nevada society. In Reno Bill Graham and Jim McKay operated the Bank Club in the basement of the Golden...
    • Aulestia, Gorka Jon, 1932-; Berner, Jill H., 1948-; Camino, Kathleen Joan, 1964-; Douglass, William Anthony, 1939-; Mallea-Olaetxe, Joxe, 1940-; Ott, Sandra Jean, 1951-; Ugalde, Marcelino, 1963-; Urza, Carmelo, 1948-; White, Linda Louise, 1949-;...
    • Douglass, William A; University of Nevada, Reno. Center for Basque Studies – History; Basque Americans -- West (U.S.)
    • 1967 a small Basque studies program was established within the Social Sciences Division of the University of Nevada's Desert Research Institute. As originally conceived, the program's purpose was to study the Basques (who were historically the...
    • Basque Studies at the University of Nevada
    • Wooster, Earl Clinton, 1893-1977
    • Educators -- Nevada -- Biography Education -- Nevada -- History
    • Earl Wooster, born in Oregon in 1893, spent his early years in California. He attended the University of Nevada and prepared himself to become a teacher. Wooster's educational career, which began in Fallon, Nevada, spanned more than forty years. ...
    • Moore, Ert, 1902-2001
    • Educators -- Nevada -- Biography; Teachers -- Nevada -- Biography
    • Ert Moore was born in Indiana in 1902 and spent his early life there. He recounts his early school years and the requirements for graduation. Early in life he decided that teaching would be his career goal. After getting the minimum requirements...
    • Herrera, Rose, 1908-1993; Herrera, Ciriaco, 1904-
    • Eureka (Nev.) -- Social life and customs; Eureka (Nev.) -- Biography; Eureka (Nev.) -- Ethnic relations
    • In the center of Nevada, seventy miles due east of Austin, lies the town of Eureka, which takes its name from the Greek exclamation, "I have found it!" Founded in 1869 on the site of an important silver and lead discovery, Eureka boasted 10,000...
    • Bruns, Eugenia M., 1876-1970
    • Extinct cities -- Nevada; Educators -- Nevada -- Biography; Educators -- California -- Alpine County -- Biography; Empire (Nev.) -- History; Alpine County (Calif.) -- History
    • Eugenia May Bruns enjoys the distinction of having lived in three Nevada towns that no longer exist. She spent the early years of her life in Empire, a milling town on the Carson River, where she was born in 1877 and attended school. After...
    • Faiss, Robert, 1934-
    • Faiss, Robert D; Sawyer, Grant, 1918-1996; Nevada Gaming Commission; Nevada. State Gaming Control Board; Gambling -- Law and legislation -- Nevada; Gambling -- Government policy -- Nevada; Gambling -- Nevada -- History -- 20th century; Nevada --...
    • No attorney has played a greater role in the rise of the casino industry and how it is regulated than has Robert D. Faiss. In this oral memoir, Faiss gives an eloquent, eyewitness account of crucial events and moments in the history of gaming...


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