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    • Eriogonum heracleoides var. heracleoides Nutt.

    • 6625
    • ca. 1/2 mi SE of Canyon Creek Rd. Summit S of Buckskin Mtn, Santa Rosa Range SE of McDermitt, headwaters of Siard Cr., bare patches of red gravel and rock on ridges & sides of sagebrush & grass hills
    • Barbara J. Ertter
    • Cylindropuntia multigeniculata (Clokey) Backeberg

    • 11030
    • 4.5 km ENE of Blue Bird Mine, north of Kingman, 20 km NNW of Red Lake, 2.7 km south of the confluence of White Elephant and Hualapai Wash, just west of Hualapai Wash.
    • Ira Waddell Clokey
    • Eriogonum mitophyllum Reveal

    • 9256
    • Along a dirt road on foothills east-southeast of Aurora, 1.3 mile west of Sage Flat Road, 1.1 mile west of Lost Creek, 1.6 air miles northest of Carter Peak and 4.6 air miles southwest of Salina.
    • J. L. Reveal
    • Mentzelia inyoensis Thompson & Prigge

    • 11346
    • Just E and SE of intersection of State Route 722 and 50, north of Middlegate, near the top of north and south facing slopes, east of Fallon.
    • John J. Schenk
    • Monardella linoides A. Gray

    • 10530
    • Flora of the U.S. Department of Energy's Nevada Test Site and Vicinity. Common at base of S facing volcanic cliffs. At end of dirt road NW of Jackass Divide, SE end of Shoshone Mtn., SW Mid Valley. NE Jackass Flat drainage basin.
    • Susan A. Cochrane
    • Arabis fernaldiana Rollins

    • 2203
    • Toiyabe N.F.; toquima Range; about 1/2 mi S of South Summit of Mt. Jefferson; near line of Township 10 & 11, about cornor of sec. 5, 4 of T10 N, R 45E
    • Sherel Goodrich
    • Astragalus whitneyi var. whitneyi

    • 4012
    • N end of Humboldt Range, NE of head of Humboldt Canyon, 0.6 km W. of Yana Point, on a W.-facing limestone slope,
    • M. P. Yoder-Williams
    • Eriogonum kingii Torr. & A. Gray

    • 9288
    • Elko Hills, along a ridge west of Bullion Road, 7.1 miles southwest of Nevada Highway 227 in Elko, 0.3 mile south of the entrance of the canyon, about 6.3 air miles west-southwest of Elko.
    • J. L. Reveal
    • Eriogonum natum Reveal

    • 7849
    • Along U.S. Highway 50-6, 46.2 miles east of the Nevada State line and about 43 miles west of Delta, on low, white clay, alkaline outcropts 5-300 m north of the highway, about 0.2 mile east of the dirt road junction of Antelope Spring and Black Hill...
    • J. L. Reveal
    • Penstemon patricus N. H. Holmgren

    • 491
    • Deep Creek Range, NE of Haystack Pk., Tom's Creek Canyon; on NE-facing cliffs S of creek ca 6 mi WNW of the old CCC camp on Trout Creek - Callao Rd., ca. 8 air mi WSW of Callao
    • Noel Herman Holmgren
    • Eriogonum umbellatum var. mohavense Reveal

    • 9550
    • Dixie Corridor, northeast side of Wolf Hole Mountain, 0.1 mi west of the summit of the road (Mohve County Road 5) from Bloomfield, Utah, to Wolf Hole, Arizona, southwest of Quail Hill, 0.6 mi east of the turnoff to Seegmiller Mountain,
    • James Lauritz Reveal
    • Eriogonum pelinophilum Reveal

    • 9526
    • Along Colorado Highway 92, 8.6 miles west of the western edge of Hotchkiss, 0.9 mile east of the Red Mesa turnoff and 3.1 miles west of Lazear, 11.5 miles eat of U.S. Highway 50 at Delta.
    • James Lauritz Reveal
    • Eriogonum beatleyae Reveal

    • 9491
    • About 0.9 mile north of U.S. Highway 6, this road junction being 5.3 miles west of Salisbury Wash Road and about 31 miles west of Warm Springs and about 18 miles east of Tonopah, on a low, multicolored hill just east of the dirt road leading to the...
    • N.H. Holmgren
    • Mentzelia librina (K.Thorne & F.J. Sm.) J. Schenk & L. Hufford

    • 10355
    • at the base of the Book Cliffs just north of the mouth of Horse Canyon, 0.8 km (0.5 mi) northwest of where State Route 124 terminates, along the abandoned railroad tracks, 10km (6 mi) air distance south-southeast of Dragerton.
    • N. H. Holmgren
    • Eriogonum crosbyae Reveal

    • 10125
    • Spar Canyon, 4.9 miles northeast of the junction of East Fork Road along the East Fork of the Salmon River and 2.7 miles southwest of Malm Gulch Road, 9.8 air miles east of Clayton
    • James L. Reveal
    • Eriogonum corymbosum var. heilii Reveal

    • 9602
    • Fishlake National Forest, Thousand Lake Muontains, head of Red Canyon, 0.9 air mile southeast of Horse Pasture, 3.8 air miles east-southest of Lyman and 2.9 air miles east-northeast of Bicknell,
    • James Lauritz Reveal
    • Eriogonum heermannii var. argense (M. E. Jones) Munz

    • 9804
    • White Hills, along U.s. Forest Service Road 119A, 1.6 miles north of Middle Verde Road, this junction 3.5 miles northwest of exit 289 on Interstate Hghway 17, 2.45 air miles north-northwest of Middle Verde and 6.8 air miles north-northwest of Camp...
    • Ira Waddell Clokey
    • Astragalus platytropis Gray

    • 3167
    • Monitor range, ridge N. of Horse Heaven and S. of the site of Monarch, 5 air miles just E. of due S. of Belmont.
    • A. Tiehm
    • Eriogonum atrorubens var. atrorubens

    • 5365
    • Along Chihuahua Hwy 16, 10 mi W of the junction of Hwy 16 and 28 just W of Cuauhtemoc and 3.3 mi E of Pedernales, about 84 mi W of Chihuahua, sierra Madre Occidental,
    • J. L. Reveal
    • Eriogonum atrorubens var. intonsum

    • 5366
    • Sierra Madre Occidental, along the dirt road from Hidalgo del Parral toward El Vergel out of San Francisco del Oro, about 36 mi W of Parral and 5.5 mi E of Ojito, on the eastern edge of a large grassy mesa, associated with Quercus and numerous...
    • J. L. Reveal
    • Eriogonum atrorubens var. pseudocilliatum

    • 5368
    • Along Mexico Hwy 40, 5 mi E of El Madrono and 4 mi E of the road junction to Los Mimbres, about 13.5 mi E of Llano Grande and about 28 mi E of El Salto, about 35 mi W of Durango,
    • J. L. Reveal
    • Eriogonum crosbyae Reveal var. crosbyae

    • 9310
    • White Knob Mountains, Challis National Forest, on a rhyolite outcrop east of the South Fork of Alder Creek, south of Alder Creek Road, and west of Bedy Canyon, 6.7 air miles west-southwest of Leslie.
    • J. L. Reveal
    • Eriogonum inflatum var. inflatum Torr. & Frem.

    • 7395
    • Northwest end of Gabbs Valley Range, at the east end mouth of the canyon, 3 miles south of the western edge of Alkali Flat at the road junction to Luning, about 20 miles northeast of Thorne along Nevada Highway 31.
    • J. L. Reveal
    • Eriogonum lemmonii S. Watson

    • 1348
    • along NV Hwy 3 in Wilson Canyon between Smith and Mason, 12.8 mi NE of Smith and 2.5 mi SW of the junction of NV Hwy 3 and the Norydike Cutoff, S of the West Fork of the Walker River
    • J. L. Reveal
    • Eriogonum rubricaule Tides.

    • 284
    • Along Nevada Hwy 31 between Frenchman and Babbitt on the NE foothills of the Gillis Range, 15 miles NE of Thorne, 8 mi N of the summit of the range, east of the road
    • James Lauritz Reveal
    • Eriogonum rubricaule Tides.

    • 326
    • Stillwater Range, along the eastern slope of the range N of the Humbldt Salt Marsh, about 24 mi N of Dixie Valley (townsite) and about 4 mi SE of Boyer Ranch, 0.5 mi W of the Dixie Valley Road
    • Jack L. Reveal
    • Eriogonum shockleyi S. Watson var. shockleyi

    • 8604
    • Spring Valley, southeast end of Baking Powder Flat, north of South Highland Road and southeast of Blind Spring, 0.5 mile east of the road to Atlanta and 2.5 miles southwest of the Big Springs-Shoshone Road.
    • J. L. Reveal
    • Haplopappus watsonii A. Gray

    • 2096
    • throughout length of steep-walled cyn N of Twin Peaks, E of Pahute Mesa Rd., and W of Back Rainier Mesa Rd (NW of Plot 63). NE Forty-Mile Cyn Drainage Basin
    • Janice C. Beatley
    • Myosurus minimus L.

    • 15315
    • Western Trout Creek Mts, main ridge rd SW of headwaters of Little Wildhorse Creek 3/4 mi NW of road on ridge S of headwaters, near small reservoir and springs, muddy edge of reservoir.
    • Barbara J. Ertter
    • Penstemon watsonii A. Gray

    • 11052
    • White Pine Range, top of hill east of Currant Mountain and west of road 407.
    • Meredith Gosejohan
    • Eriogonum codium Reveal, Caplow & K.A. Beck

    • 9495
    • U.S. Department of Energy's Hanford Site, west of Washington Highway 24 on the northern edge of Umtanum Ridge overlooking the Columbia River, 1 air mile south-southwest of Riverland and about 31.6 air miles northwest of Richmond.
    • James Lauritz Reveal
    • Eriogonum terrenatum Reveal

    • 9544
    • San Pedro Riparian Natinal Conservaton area, on low eroded bluffs west of the San Pedro River, 0.4 air miles NW of Boquillas (ruins) and 1.2 air miles SW of Contention (ruins), about 4.1 air miles NNW of Fairbank and Arizona Highway 82, N of...
    • James Lauritz Reveal
    • Chrysothamnus eremobius L.C. Anderson

    • 9436
    • Pintwater Range, locall established on north-facing, barren limestone cliffs of box canon head of southern branch of Sand Canyon, SE of Sand Spring, ca 17 air mi NNE of Indian Springs.
    • Loran C. Anderson
    • Eriogonum mitophyllum Reveal

    • 9823
    • Along a dirt road on foothills east-southeast of Aurora, 0.4 mile west of Sage Flat Road, 0.2 mile west of Lost Creek, 1.7 air miles north of Carter Peak and 4 air miles south-southwest of Salina.
    • James Lauritz Reveal
    • Polyctenium williamsiae Rollins

    • 9662
    • Pine Grove Hills, head of Nye Canyon, 2.6 air miles N 6 degrees E of the 9544 foot summit of Bald Mountain.
    • James D. Morefield
    • Eriogonum douglasii Benth. var. elkoense Reveal

    • 10119
    • Chipman Meadow, 1.3 air miles northeast of Point of Rock, 0.25 mile northeast of the creek crossing along U.S. Forest Service Road 931 (McDonald Creek Road), northwest of Sunflower Flat, approximately 10.65 air miles southeast of Mountain City
    • James L. Reveal
    • Eriogonum douglasii Benth. var. elkoense Reveal

    • 10085
    • Sunflower Flat, south side of US Forest Service Rd. 930, 0.8 mi east of US Forest Service Road 931 (McDonald Creek Road), 1.4 air miles east-southeast of Point of Rock and approximately 11 air miles southeast of Mountain City
    • James L. Reveal
    • Eriogonum acaule Nutt.

    • 10283
    • Along a dirt road northeast of Laramie following 9th St., toward the Laramie Mountains, 1.1 mile east of the road junction of 9th St. and the road to the city dump and 0.3 mile north of the dirt road along the northwest facing slope of a small ridge
    • James L. Reveal
    • Hypericum scouleri Hook.

    • 21365
    • Southeast of Redmond; on the east side of North Unit Main Canal, 0.1 mile, 88° east of intersection of powerline and North Unit Main Canal, south of the northern Bailey Bridge Site. T16S R13E S10.
    • J. A. Alexander
    • Astragalus alvordensis

    • 1931
    • Bog Hot Valley, in washes of a low bluff 0.8 km NW of Bog Hot Springs and W of Cold Spring, SW corner of
    • M. P. Yoder
    • Calyptridium monandrum Nutt.

    • 13319
    • South of Virgin mountains, summit of road to Devil's cove, 11.6 miles north of the cove, 36 airline miles south of Mesquite.
    • Noel Herman Holmgren
    • Eriogonum glandulosum

    • 6521
    • Amargosa Drainage Basin; below W-facing cyn 2.5 mi no. of Rt 95, e. of dirt rd 4 mi W of NRDS turnoff, so. side of Specter Range
    • Janice C. Beatley
    • Eriogonum gracile

    • 6538
    • Along California Highway 74, 1.5 miles southwest of the summit of Santa Ana Mountains, 9 miles southwest of Elsinore and aboot 22 miles east-northeast of San Juan Capistrano, near turnoff to McConville Camp,
    • J. L. Reveal
    • Eriogonum palmerianum Reveal ex Munz

    • 8331
    • E. Forty-mile drainage basin, head of a cyn e. of Pahute Mesa Rd and 1.5 mi so. Of Airport Rd; SW of Pinyon Butte.
    • J. L. Reveal
    • Penstemon gracilentus A. Gray

    • 5490
    • Cascade Range, Butte Mtn.; on logged edge of douglas fir forest along Butte Mtn. Rd. ca 3.6 mi W of jct. Meiss Lake Rd., located 7.2 mi W of jct. US 97 on S side of MacDoel,
    • C. A. Labbe
    • Penstemon patricus N.  H. Holmgren

    • 492
    • Deep Creek Range, NE of Haystack Pk., Tom's Creek Canyon; along S side of Tom's Creek ca 6 mi WNW of the old CCC camp on Trout Creek - Callao Rd., ca. 8 air mi WSW of Callao
    • K. A. Vincent
    • Ribes velutinum var. glanduliferum Greene

    • 16914
    • So. Gold Flat drainage basin, near head of segment of So. Silent Cyn. e. of Well 9, no. of Pahute Mesa Rd. no. Pahute Mesa
    • James Lauritz Reveal
    • Penstemon rhizomatosus N.H. Holmgren

    • 9721
    • Schell Creek Range, limestone outcrop south of the top of the top of Cave Mountain, 24.5 km (15 mi) air distance east-southeast (114 deprees) of Ely
    • Noel Herman Holmgren
    • Eriogonum brevicaule var. caelitum Reveal

    • 9493
    • Wasatch Plateau north of Horseshoe Flat at the junction of Skyline Drive and road to Clay and Olsen benches, 6 miles north of Utah Highway 29, about 10.2 air miles east of Ephraim .
    • James Lauritz Reveal
    • Eriogonum ammophilum Reveal

    • 9820
    • Confusion Range, head of Sand Wash along road from Snake Pass Reservoir, 1.9 mile southeast of Snake Pass, about 27.4 air miles east-southeast of Garrison and 5.3 air miles southwest of Ibex.
    • James Lauritz Reveal
    • Eriogonum microthecum var. lapidicola Reveal

    • 9819
    • Ferguson Desert, along road from Probst Pond to Snake Pass, 1.2 miles southeast of Probst Corral, about 22 air miles east of Garrison, 10 air miles west-northwest of Ibex and 2.2 air miles northeast of Shotgun Knoll.
    • James Lauritz Reveal
    • Eriogonum ammophilum Reveal

    • 9818
    • Ferguson Desert, along the road from Probst Pond to Snake Pass, 1.2 miles southeast of Probst Corral, about 22 air miles east of Garrison, 10 air miles west-northwest of Ibex and 2.2 air miles northeast of Shotgun Knoll.
    • James Lauritz Reveal
    • Dalea purpurea Vent.

    • 12295
    • At the end of 178 Street, ca. 0.4 miles east of its junction with State Hwy. 15, ca. 2.8 miles north of the town of Clear Lake.
    • Richard R. Halse
    • Arctomecon californica Torr. & Frem.

    • 11317
    • Frenchman Mountain, 11 km east of the east edge of Las Vegas, between Gypsum Wash and Lake Mead Blvd, 7.7 km east of the summit of Frenchman Mountain
    • Marc A. Baker
    • Lupinus bicolor Lindl.

    • 5156
    • Sierra Valley. 1.5 miles north of intersection of A-23 and Calpine Rd. T21 R14E S9NE of SE1/4.
    • William & Nancy Harnach
    • Eriogonum anemophilum E.L. Greene

    • 6976
    • N end of the Humboldt R., Yana Point and ridge to Indian Ikes Point, SE cornor of Sec. 8 and NE cornor of Sec. 17.
    • M. P. Yoder-Williams
    • Eriogonum brachypodum Torr. & A. Gray

    • 5594
    • Ca. 11.1 miles north of Littlefield Arizona, on Highway 91, and 5.7 miles east of Highway 91 on Joshua tree Road.On south-facing 10 degree slope, upper portion of bajada, and in arroyo.
    • A. Leidolf
    • Lewisia rediviva var. rediviva Pursh

    • 13621
    • North end of the Toquima Range, vicinity of Petes summit, 43 Km (26.5 mi) airline distance southeast of Austin.
    • Noel Herman Holmgren
    • Senecio toiyabensis Welsh & Goodrich

    • 9777
    • Toiyabe National Forest, Toiybe Range, just under the crest of the range on the leewad side, above Timblin Cr.; 35 airline mi. sw of Austin, 100-500 yds. n of French VABM,
    • Sherel Goodrich
    • Lupinus nanus Benth.

    • 10751
    • North of Kerby, 0.4 mi W of 199 on Reeves Creek Rd. South side of road.
    • John J. Schenk
    • Arctomecon merriamii Coville

    • 2002
    • Below W. Specter Range, 2.5 mi no. of Rt 95, e. of rd leaving hwy, 1.5 mi w. of Point of Rocks. E. Amargosa Drainage Basin
    • Janice C. Beatley
    • Aristida purpurea Nutt.

    • 13173
    • the common Aristida of washes of lower S face of E. end of Specter Range
    • Janice C. Beatley
    • Asclepias eastwoodiana

    • 1565
    • Southern Toquima Range, Nevada Route 69 (Manhattan road), 6.3 km (3.9mi) northwest of southern junction with Nevada Route 82 (Belmont road), 7 km (4.5 mi) airlines distance east of Manhattan
    • Noel Herman Holmgren
    • Astragalus aequalis Clokey

    • 279
    • Road at foot of the grade, head of Willow Creek, 3 miles N of Cold Spring Creek, N. end of Charleston Mtns.
    • P. Train
    • Astragalus atratus var. atratus

    • 27
    • Sandy bottom of wash West of Star Peak limestone, New Pass Range, Churchill co., 25 mi. N. E. of Alpine
    • William Dwight Billings
    • Astragalus atratus var. atratus

    • 33
    • North end of the Toquima Range, vicinity of Petes Summit, 26.5 miles airlines distance southeast of Austin, slope south of the road
    • Noel Herman Holmgren
    • Astragalus atratus var. atratus

    • 45
    • Goldbanks Hills on E side of the east Range and on W side of Grass Valley, 1.1 airmiles N of Squaw Butte, 34 airmiles nearly due S of Winnemucca.
    • A. Tiehm
    • Astragalus detritalis M. E. Jones

    • 2228
    • Crest of the ridge ca 2 km west of the head of Wells Draw and ca 50 km airline south-southwest of Roosevelt.
    • Arthur Cronquist
    • Astragalus filipes Torr. ex A. Gray

    • 2378
    • W. slope of the Sonoma Range, 3.3 km by air SSW of Sonoma Peak, above head of S. fork of Sonoma Creek, NE 1/4, SE 1/4.
    • M. P. Yoder
    • Astragalus malacus A. Gray

    • 2831
    • N of Blackwell Canyon (E of Topaz Ca.) in the foothills of the W side of the Sweetwater Mtns.
    • M. T. Lavin
    • Astragalus pinonis M.E. Jones var. pinonis

    • 3154
    • Pink knolls east of Hwy 93, NE of Caliente. About 1.1 mi E of Hwy 93 on road to Beaver Dam State Park, turn N about 1/2 mi. S of Peck.
    • M. J. Williams


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